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ready for a different kind of challenge?

Reformer Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.


challenge yourself, book a session and discover the difference.

welcome to reform me pilates studio, Bundoora

At Reform Me Pilates, Bundoora, we welcome people of all fitness and experience levels; from the pilates novice to the fitness enthusiast and everything in between. Our classes include classic reformer Pilates classes mixed with strength training and cardio.


Reformer Pilates combines strength, postural, flexibility, balance and endurance training designed to target those smaller muscle groups, so you form long, lean and toned muscles.


We offer highly skilled teachers, the latest facilities, with all amenities; secure lockers, showers and change rooms as well as serving herbal tea to give you good vibes for the rest of your day.


We invite you to visit Reform Me Pilates to transform your mind and your body.

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our classes

reform me Athlete

the reform me Athlete is designed to showcase your athletic ability. This class is a total body sweat fest, working on lots of repetitions to burn (alot) and create muscle definition. It’s a high energy session and mentally challenging.. note: it’s not made for the weak hearted.

the Lower burner

This one’s a no brainer. Let’s only focus on your lower half of your body. Yep! A cardio resistance-based workout challenging those larger muscles from your core down to your calves. It’s all about the power of the springs  to stretch, lengthen, tone and sculpt the glutes and legs. Did I mention this one’s a burner?? Good luck!

reform me Foundations

For those who simply want to practice the fundamental Pilates principles of control, precision, alignment and concentration reform me Foundations is the class for you. Perfect for beginners, with room to grow for the more advanced. The functional movement will help you refine your technique and get the most out of every class.

the Upper burn

So, I hear you want to have guns as big as Sarah Connor. Well, the Upper burn is the class that can guarantee definition in your arms and shoulders. It’s not always about the booty, let’s encourage upper body strength training to proportion your body. Resistance-based exercises to strengthen, define and tone your top half of your body. You’ll wear that strapless black dress with pride!

reform me Strength

Want to feel strong? Reform Me Strength is the ultimate conditioning, strength training workout. Think of it as a weight session on a reformer bed. This class focuses on combinations that will test technique, your strength and resilience. If you’re after a challenge, this class will definitely question your will power.

reform me Stretch

Reform Me Stretch is the equivalent to drinking a Bloody Mary Sunday morning after a big night on the turps. The exercises employ controlled breathing with light weight resistance movement to build core strength, lengthen the body as well as calming the body and the mind.

Strength & Stretch

This one is in ode to our modern lives. Our bodies can get tight and tense from the hectic lifestyle we live. Whether it’s the computer posture, long commute hours, rigorous training schedule or simply just daily stress, our bodies need help staying supple and flexible and this class has the optimal balance of strengthening and stretching so that we can get on and enjoy our day to day activities.

reform me Mat

Don’t be fooled by the lack of assistance of springs and cables, mat Pilates uses body weight resistance which can make your workout more challenging than using the bed. The basic principles still apply for the reform me Mat class. We focus working your legs, core, lower and upper back muscles. A great class for beginners because of its emphasis on learning how to control your muscles during exercises.

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